Third award for WellMassage4D

WellMassage4D wins innovation award for the third time in a row.

With three prestigious awards for the Wellmassage4D the whole Gharieni team is delighted. The new signature treatment which was specially developed for the Gharieni treatment table MLX could convince both national and international.

As a result of combination, the treatment table and WellMassage4D, received the “Spa & Wellness Mexico Product Award for Best Spa Furniture 2016” in December. Another award “ESPA Innovation Award 2016” in the category “Innovative Spa Concept” from the European Spa Association, Sammy Gharieni accepted with pleasure in the French village Vichy. Also the “WELLNESS & SPA INNOVATION AWARD “, in the category “Beauty & Body Care Treatments”, went to the WellMassage4D. The prize was handed over on the occasion of the “Beauty 2016” by the German Wellness Association and German Wellness GmbH in Düsseldorf.

Innovative and future-oriented the treatment is indeed. Together with Jean-Guy de Gabriac, CEO of the Belgian massage and spa specialist Tip Touch International, we developed the WellMassage4D and offer a totally new treatment dimension. Customers could only enjoy wellness massages in a flat lying position but with the new body treatment creates new possibilities. This is ensured by our eight programmed lying positions of our wellness couch MLX in combination with our special WellMassage4D. It combines a pressure massage, gentle massage techniques and mobilization with a meridian stimulation. In this way a unique full body treatment with the client in a total relaxing supine position is possible. At the same time it allows the therapist optimal, ergonomic work. According to the new massage it helps to count one-sided and inflexible strains.

WellMassage4D combines High-tech & High-touch to high-impact – for client and therapist.

Available as 50 minutes or 75 minutes treatment WellMassage4D provides two versions:
“RELAX” – To escape the stress from daily life.
“DEEP” – For intensive treatment forces on back and other muscle groups.