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Gharieni quartz psammo concept


The bath in the sun-drenched sand has a millennial tradition. Already the ancient Egyptians took “baths” in the hot desert sand to relax and for their well-being.
Today, the term “psammotherapy” (from Greek “psammo” = sand) is used for applications where the deep, dry heat of quartz sand is used; applicable for relaxation or as a wellness treatment for various ailments.

With its innovative treatment tables MLX Quartz “Square” and “Round”, Gharieni combines sophisticated technology, classy design and high functionality with the experience of beach, sun and holidays.

Matching quartz stamps or special signature treatments complete the Gharieni Psammo concept experience.


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USP for your Spa

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Pure beachfeeling

The warm sand makes you dream of your last holidays even at the coldest weather. The Psammo concept is the perfect solution for the little wanderlust inbetween.

Treatment with poultices

This wellness experience is complemented with warm sand poultices and warm, fragrant oil. The gentle pressure massage with the heat-storing poultice allows targeted temperature stimulation and stimulates the reflex zones of the skin. This has an additional muscle relaxing effect and a reflex effect on the internal organs. At the same time, the entire energy flow of the body is activated and energy blockages are released.

Gharieni psammo concept quartzbed

Perfect comfort

You lie on warm quartz sand – it does not get any more comfortable. The quartz adapts to your body individually and provides a first-class comfort.


Gharieni quartz psammo concept

Perfect heat storage

The built-in heater warms the quartz to a pleasant temperature. The sand transports the warmth slowly and gently to the whole body and provides a comfortable feeling.


Gharieni quartz psammo concept

Alternativ quartz mixtures

So far, customers of the MLX Quartz have been able to enjoy their treatment in our Basic quartz sand or the more exclusive versions with gold or copper-colored coating.
Now Gharieni offers even more: color quartz and hybrid quartz mixtures, which are adapted to specific treatments and concepts.


For this mix of quartz sand and amber only high quality baltic amber is used.
For centuries, amber has been given a healing power. It is also appreciated as a stone of security, trust and salvation.

Amber is attributed to properties such as:
– Support the immune system and detoxify the body
– an energizing effect
– psychological harmonization

In addition, Gharieni provides an amber treatment package, which also makes the special electromagnetic vibrations of the amber blockage effective.


This innovative mixture combines the positive qualities of warm quartz sand with the beneficial effects of stone salt from the Himalayan. Through the infinitely adjustable heating of the quartz-salt mixture, the negative ions of the salt are released. The ionized air resembles not only the fresh and pleasant microclimate of coastal areas, forests and mountains, but also has positive effects on body and soul.

Ionized Air …
… improves oxygen intake during breathing.
… has a relaxing and soothing effect
… stimulates immune system and metabolism.
… has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect


This special mix of blue, white and gray quartz grains reflects the blue ocean with its silvery white waters. Solid Ocean offers an experience like the bath in the warm, frothy “wet” of the blue ocean. This quartz sand mixture is the perfect complement for all maritime spas and wellness facilities or e.g. Thalasso treatments.

Gharieni psammo concept quartzbed


The highlight from our Psammo concept

  • made from real wood
  • available as square or round
  • filled with Alpha Quartz Sand
  • infinitely variable heating system
  • intensive deep relaxation through mild, sustainable heat
  • two lifting columns for height adjustment and inclination
  • storage compartment and two drawers
  • options include removable upholstery

Gharieni sand poultices

  • Table unit for holding sand poultices
  • made of real wood
  • filled with quartz sand
  • infinitely adjustable heating system
  • including four large, two medium and four small sand poultices
  • height: ca. 24 cm (9.4 in)
  • length: 63,5 cm (25.0 in)
  • width: 23,5 cm (9.3 in)

sand poultice ‘large’

The poultices are reusable with washable cover. The stamps are finished and filled with alpha-quartz granules.

filled with 550g quartz


A wonderful treatment ritual is a body massage with warm quartz poultices and tempered, fragrant oil. The poultices provide special warmth, wellness and well-being. Due to the gentle pressure massage with the heat-storing quartz poultices not only targeted temperature stimuli are set, but also reflex zones of the skin are activated and the transport of slag substances and toxins is promoted. The Result: Tensions dissipate and energy flow is regulated.

You can find our Psammo Concept here and in many more places.

Koroviar Spa, Seoul, Korea

Âme Spa @ JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa, Aventura, USA

The Lamp Hotel, Norrköping, Sweden

Hilton, Barbados, Caribbean

Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai

Sopwell House, St Albans, UK

Increased blood flow of the dermal tissue

The warm quartz stimulates your skin and ensures an increased blood circulation of the dermal tissue.


Stimulation of the vegetative nervous system

Another effect of quartz treatment is the stimulation of the vegetative nervous system.