Healing Summit Berlin 2018

As the HEALING SUMMIT 2018 entered its fifth year of existence at the stunning Hotel de Rome in Berlin this past March, there seemed to be a renewed feeling of unity in the air shared by the speakers, the organizers and the participants of the very special conference.The theme for this year’s Summit was “Revealing the Secret of Healing” and the attendees (named “delegates” by founders of the Summit) were very eager to learn more about the process of healing.Gharieni was very proud to return as a sponsor of the HEALING SUMMIT again this year.

First, the speakers delved into the medical and scientific aspects of healing. It became very clear that healing is a much deeper expression of wellness and wellbeing. Healing is more than getting over an illness, or a cut on the skin. Healing is a deep, transformational process that involves many elements. Participants heard from neuroscientist Dr. Marjorie Woollacott, from Oregon, Washington in the USA who presented empirical evidence about how the body responds to deep meditation. Her keynote speech was fascinating as she presented scientific proof about physical change that can take place.

A holistic physician from New York spoke about how he recognized the tremendous need as a physician, to connect with his patients in a more profound way. Dr. Ken Redcross, who is often seen on television programs in the United States, was very thoughtful as he spoke about the importance of creating a connection with others, specifically with his patients. He said in his talk, that while most doctors ask each patient, “how are you feeling?”, he has made it a practice to ask his patents, instead, “how’s your soul today?”

Stacey Fischer, an award winning travel and lifestyle consultant shared her extensive knowledge about what her wealthy clients are seeking. They are very interested in healing travel, but they also want the accommodations to be luxurious. Stacey shared some stories about her clients, for whom money is no object, and their quest for a unique travel experience.

Steve Griffith, director and founder of Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat and Spa in Bali motivated the audience with his tales of his early days as a yoga instructor, barely making ends meet. Today, he oversees dozens of employees and trains executives in corporate programs that he structures.
Julia Zhang, Deputy General Manager of The Grand Bay Hotel in Beijing, spoke about the burgeoning Chinese hospitality market oriented toward healing modalities, and the opportunities that are available to create more hotels.

In the midst of a program of highly inspirational and educational speakers, the group participated in gentle yoga sessions in the ballroom, provided by Patricia Thielemann, and meditations were led by Velleda Dobrowolny. It was an energizing and yet calming way to proceed though the packed two days.
It’s important to note that the food that was offered, was absolutely fabulous, mainly vegan creations that were inventive, healthful and provided proper nutrition.

Throughout the conference, the founders of the HEALING SUMMIT and Healing Hotels of the World, Anne Biging and Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier made a strong presence, providing unique insight about their impetus and dedication to producing an annual HEALING SUMMIT.

At the end of the first evening, a spirited “marketplace” took place, where hoteliers, who are members of Healing Hotels of the World, had the opportunity to provide materials to media professionals, travel agents and consultants.

The two-day conference was very well attended and the prevailing sentiment was that this was an extremely valuable conference.

Some of the comments received following the Summit included these:

• “We could all experience the power of collaboration and I noticed the integrity in combining everyone’s talents, expertise and missions into a higher purpose.”

• “In its 5th year, the HEALING SUMMIT continues to bring together beautiful and amazing souls who all stand and strive for a healing world – together as a one community.”

• “I appreciate the opportunity to speak and meet with wonderful people.”

At the end of the summit, one of the conference leaders, Catherine Parrish, a consultant to non-profits and corporate entities, asked the group to share what was outstanding about the conference, and what each person was grateful for. It was a warm and powerful exercise, and a wonderful way to round out the two-day experience. Gharieni was happy to be a part of this completely unique holistic business conference.