Gharieni Libra Edge K

New hydro-spa generation.

With the brand new “Libra Edge K” Gharieni complemented its HydroSpa series with another highlight which gives every Spa the perfect modern touch.

As related to the version of its brother the “Libra Flat D” couch is made of noble Corian®. The differences are the edges which ensure by means of an integrated drain that water drains off in a controlled manner. The couch is adjustable in its height and slope so that a deeply relaxing zero-gravity-position can be reached.
The heatable, perfectly integrated water cushions provide you with cozy warmth, perfect resting comfort and a feeling of weightlessness.


Equipped with a special shower feature and water technology by the company Kohler it ensures the exclusiveness of the wet area bed which is controlled via an intuitive touch screen control panel.  Different Vichy shower choreographies turn it into an experience horizontal shower. Unwanted splashing of water is also prevented. The special shower feature and water technology are equipped with an integrated LED color/colour light system. This makes the “Libra Edge K” applicable for the chromo therapy as well.

The integrated Bluetooth music system leaves no wishes for relaxing sounds unsatisfied.

It steams and it foams…
With the new “Steam Emotional Cocoon” clients experience an incredible pleasant steam treatment. The intensively affecting “steam cocooning” has a positive effect on cellulite treatments, activates the metabolism and therefore helps to detox and to reduce weight. It also helps with painful muscle tensions.

Additionally the “Soap-Foam-Generator” complements the unique feature of the “Libra Edge K” with its relaxing foam for body cleansing.