The Gharieni Gab with Lynn Curry

When researching the word FUN as this month’s theme, the dictionary can barely contain its joy with its synonyms – exuberance, cheerfulness, gaiety, fun, effervescence, verve, buoyancy, levity, zest, liveliness, cheer, joyfulness, joyousness, jolliness, jollity, happiness, gladness, jocularity, conviviality, festivity, merriment, revelry, mirth, glee, gleefulness, laughter, hilarity, lightheartedness, amusement, pleasure!
The sheer abundance of words is guaranteed to bring a smile when you read this since it immediately elevates your Serotonin levels- key hormone of happiness that regulates mood, prevents depression, thwarts irritation and makes you happy and sociable. 
If you want to boost your levels:
  • Spend time in the sun, since sunlight causes your body to produce Vitamin D and triggers the release of serotonin.
  • Consume foods that contain tryptophan, a substance that your body converts to serotonin.
  • Do a low-intensity workout, since your body produces serotonin when it is performing aerobic exercise, as opposed to the endorphins it produces during anaerobic exercise.
Lynn Curry provides financial feasibility, design development, creative direction, and pre-opening consulting services to dozens of upscale and luxury resort, casino, hotel, and residential community spas and wellbeing hospitality properties since 1997. 
Projects include the spa developments at Montage Laguna; Island Spa Catalina; The Ritz-Carlton Spas of Bachelor Gulch, Dove Mountain and Laguna Beach; The Four Seasons Spas of Westlake Village, Dubai, Vail, and Punta Mita; Rosewood Resort Spas at Sand Hill and Mayakoba; the Indian Gaming Spas of Pechanga, Hard Rock Resorts Tampa and Hollywood.                
Lynn worked in destination sales, prior to her hotel sales career with Hyatt Resorts Hawaii.   She is a Certified Management Consultant™ , an Educator with Gerson Lehrman Councils, and speaks at various hospitality events.  Lynn currently serves on the Spa Consulting Task Force of the Global Wellness Institute and has been called upon to provide education to various industry development teams, vendors and suppliers about the inner workings of the hospitality industry.  She is based in RLA’s North Americanheadquarters office in Sonoma, CA.  Lynn and her better half, Patrick, have 2 boys, a 24 year old firefighter and 21 year old UCLA Junior.  All three are much taller than she! 


What is your idea of fun? 
Outrigger practice when the San Francisco Bay is a bit choppy, and exploring something new on every business trip – even if it’s just a walk around town!

What are your 3 “must dos” in Sonoma?  
Hike,  visit Vella’s Cheese Factory , buy bread at The Boulangerie, and have a picnic!  
Favorite Spa Treatment: 
A body treatment by a therapist who is not afraid to scrub!
Fun fact about you: 
Before working in spa operations, I worked in hotel sales and destination marketing.  While with the Anaheim VCB, I made presentations around the world to travel wholesalers with Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, and Frankenstein (representing the attractions in the area), which always drew an audience to our presentations!  It was definitely fun!
Last year, I started paddling competitively again for He E Nalu Outrigger Canoe Club, in San Rafael, California.  This was my first time in an outrigger after a 25 year hiatus from my Maui days paddling for Kihei Canoe Club during the years I worked the opening of Grand Wailea Resort in the late 80s.