The Gharieni Gab with Garrett Mersberger

Did You know that spa is prehistoric? We can source our roots back to the ancient times when we used mineral rich spring water and even seawater at time for medicinal purposes. Also known as Balneotherapy & Thalassotherapy, we dedicate the month of aquarius to everything water.

As Director of Wellness & Kohler Waters Spas, Garrett Mersberger oversees the Kohler Waters Spa at The American Club, Kohler Waters Spa in Burr Ridge, Illinois, Kohler Waters Spa, Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the Kohler Waters Spa at the Old Course Golf Resort and Spa, St. Andrews, Scotland. The Kohler Waters Spa portfolio of Spas is known for its innovative water services and Five-Star customer service worldwide. The Kohler Waters Spa located in Kohler, Wisconsin is one of only 47 Five-Star spas in the world.


Do you prefer lakes, rivers, or the ocean?

I love the outdoors and living in Wisconsin, so I have to say my favorite category is rivers! In Wisconsin, rivers seem to change with the seasons. In the Spring, they are flowing with extra water from the melting snow, which makes an amazing, peaceful sound. In the summer, they can have very little water in them allowing you to pick rocks and skip them across the banks. In the Fall, the rivers are full of life, as the Salmon swim upstream to spawn. And in the winter, the rivers freeze making them a fun playground to ice skate with my kids!

Do you prefer still or sparkling as a beverage?

Still water is definitely my favorite.

What is your favorite spa treatment?

Anything involving hydrotherapy! At the Kohler Waters Spa, the Healing Waters Treatment is definitely my favorite service as it is hydrotherapy at its best. Under the Kohler Custom Vichy Shower, this service mixes several different water sources and temperatures, invigorating your senses and improving your overall circulation. It is a must if you ever visit a Kohler Waters Spa!

Fun Fact about you

I have three beautiful children, have lived in six different states/countries and was recently elected Chairman of the ISPA Board of Directors!